August 11, 2017


In keeping with our aim to help you create independent wealth fast, we have designed our pay plan this way for you.
1. You earn 20% interest on your amount invested every 2 weeks for five months; where 10% of it is payment of capital invested and 10% is the interest on your investment. At the end of the five months, you are entitled to receive your principal back. You can earn as much as you wish depending on your investment.

The minimum to invest is Gh¢100 and maximum is Gh¢20,000
Members have the opportunity to have multiple investments.This means you can increase your amount invested any time with the same details just that your investment plans mature in different dates.
Every investment you make with us stands to mature in every 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, you can start to make a withdrawal from your account. Profit payment shall be 20%.
Members who wish to invest more can do so at any time.
NOTE: The above package is not subject to any effort from you before you earn your profit. All you have to do is to invest and we have the ways and means to get you back your profit.

2.Referral bonuses. It is our vision to increase our capital base in order to maximize profit for our members. For this vision to be a reality, we have put in place a nice package in the form of referral bonuses. Our members are entitled to 5% referral bonus to any amount their referrals invest or contribute for the first time. Yes, you can invite as many friends and family to join this program and receive 5% referral bonus. The good news here is that members continue to earn referral bonuses for each person they invite. Also, there are rewards for those with higher referrals in every month. In order to make our referrals easy, a member gets a referral link to this site immediately he or she registers. In fact, you are eligible to refer new members here even after the expiration of your investment account and you shall be paid your referral bonus. Our referral bonus can be a source of additional income for you. You do this by sharing the link to social media platforms. Anyone who joins us through your referral link attracts you with a 5% bonus of his or her first investment.

Are you unemployed or do you need additional income, our referral bonuses packages can earn you thousands of Gh¢ depending on your efforts to share and invite people to join us?