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Our major target is forex trading. Forex trading earns us the largest and greatest amount of money. Because of the numerous benefits of forex trading and the huge capital it accrues, we invest the largest portion of our capital into it. Money Investors is still operating due to the numerous profit margin we obtain from forex trading. We make huge profits from forex within the shortest period of time to pay our investors.


Money Investors has seen the enormous profit from agriculture sectors such as crop and animal husbandry and invest into it to tap the profit from the agriculture industry due to the increase in the population of the world at large. We, therefore, have excellent turnovers from the investment we undertake in the agriculture sector to support this program.


Educational investment represents considerable investments of public resources to increasing education levels, and therefore productivity in the local economy. For this reason, Money Investors has tapped into this potential in the educational sector to invest substantial amount of money, which in the long round will bring much profits for both Investors and Money Investors company as a whole.


The mining and petroleum industries, probably, are involved in primary production of raw materials into finished goods for the benefit of the economy. Large sums of money are obtained from these industries, hence giving investors in these sectors the competitive edge over their fellow investors in different sectors. We aim at getting much profits from the industries through Return On Investment to be shared among our members.


We have only one package available for all investors


Below is the minimum investment


  • 20 % in 2 weeks till 5 months


Find below, maximum Investment amount


  • 20% in 2 weeks till 5 months


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5 % COM.

  • Refer your friends & earn 5% commission.

About US

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MONEY INVESTORS is an initiative of FUTURE PLAN INVESTMENTS. A business organization owned and managed by great business acumen and a registered business in the Republic of Ghana in accordance with sections 27 & 28 of the Companies Act, 1963 ( Act 179) of the Republic of Ghana. Money Investors is a business set up to provide a legal and ethical wealth creation platform from a variety of nice packages. We aim to provide very sound financial freedom to partners to invest and grow their money- giving our partners a guide towards their dream of financial freedom. Aside from that, we have very insightful referral bonuses which are unlimited. We are your best choice for personal finance freedom The world around us is changing at an ever increasing pace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our economies — and reflected in our jobs and in our lives. Your very survival depends on the ability to "ride the wave" safely.


    Provide a safe and secure place where a life transforming financial freedom can be gained

  • Vision

    Our goal is to help you generate the cash flow you need to finally achieve your financial dreams


    We are 100% reliable. Money Investors provides a legal and ethical wealth creation platform from a variety of nice packages.


    We respond quickly to all enquiries

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